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A weekend of assorted madness and wickedness
South Park Blue Suit
Okay... I've been slacking lately (as noted in each of my past 5 entries). Both on my diet, and on my insights.

This weekend, I took a 4 day weekend and dedicated it to Bacchus. I've been jumping from indulgent activity to activity, and am finally using today for some downtime (although I might make a quick jaunt to the office later this afternoon).

Friday and Saturday were spent at Cedar Point. I drove up there early Friday morning after picking up Matt at his house. We got there about 30 minutes before the park opened, got in early with our Joe Cool membership, and sped-walked over to Wicked Twister, the new ride for 2002. On the upside, with the Joe Cool early admission, we didn't have to wait between our 4 rides on wicked twister. On the downside, we didn't have to wait between our 4 rides on wicked twister. Needless to say, my stomach was wickedly twisted and spent the rest of the day yelling at me as I dragged myself from ride to ride.

We spent the night at the Comfort inn on 250 (near the hwy 2 interchange), my first botched priceline reservation ($60 for a $55 AAA rate room) and returned to the park the following morning. The hotel was pretty nice.

The three rides on Millenium force the next morning were much kinder to my stomach and I had a bit more fun Saturday before heading off at Noon. Luckily, the lines were short in the morning at the back of the park, and we took advantage of the walk-ups to magnum. For the ride back, I locked my cruise in at 4 above the speed limit (as opposed to my usual 9) since the state troopers in Ohio were out in full force for Memorial day weekend.

Upon my return to Pittsburgh, I grabbed some dinner at Matt's place, then headed off to WRCT for my metal show.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a bit more subdued, only consisting of picking up Rob's friend a the airport, going to the Pirates game, meeting another friend for a bite of dinner (and playing with her new kitten) and having someone proxy bid for me in an auction in LA. I guess I'll find out if I won later today. My bid of $730 might have been a bit low, but scoring an original by SINC is one of my New Years resolutions.

Back on my diet...

Lunch: Onion rings, carrot & celery sticks w. blue cheese
Dinner: Pita w. veggie chili & cheese, pack of mac & cheese
Exercise: A bit of walking (although I got a really good parking space)

Breakfast: Wheaties
Exercise: 1 hour on the bike