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Hot times, summer in the city
South Park Blue Suit
Power went out Friday from some nasty storms and finally came back this morning. The scattered tree limbs that tumbled under force of the downdrafts probably delayed the work. Also, going a full day without power definitely sucked but luckily I didn't lose too much food in my fridge after scoring some ice.

The storm was definitely interesting. Its effect was reminiscent of those late-night weather channel specials with names like "When mother-nature attacks". Being in the middle of my commute from work when the downdrafts struck wasn't much fun, especially the part where I had to dodge the falling tree limbs and make my way through intersections without working traffic lights.

After much procrastinating, I'm finally doing both some homework and some laundry this evening, rendering my weekend semi-productive. I've definitely been having trouble kicking into gear as of late.

Weight: 224.5
Food for the day:
2 Sandwiches w. Turkey Pastrami, Ham, and Munster (800 cal),
12 oz of bagged salad w. lo cal italian dressing (160 cal),
container of cottage cheese (240 cal),
1 can of regular coke (140 cal)

Exercise: Will hit the bike for 60 minutes tonight (500 cal)