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Driving on highways in cars over long distances
South Park Blue Suit
Spent a chunk of the day transporting myself from Kitchener Ontario back to Pittsburgh in my personal movement machine.

Thanks to the refined remains of decomposing fossils I managed to make some good time, save a lenghtly stop of at Niagra Falls to see lots of falling water along with my cousin with his new blushing bride.

On these sorts of trips it becomes painfully obvious who has cruise control. Being an avid user of one of the best automotive features known to mankind, I frequently encounter cars on the road whose inconsistency in speed is mind numbing. Most drivers encountered today tended to top out their spedometers when going up slight inclines, and crawled along when going down hills. Also as road noise increased (switching between concrete and asphalt), otherwise rational drivers tended to drastically cut their speeds. Seeing somebody blow by you at 15 over, only to slow to a crawl (at 5 under the limit) on subsequent hills is mildly amusing. Seeing them get a ticket further down the road is also amusing.