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Eating dinner with a frozen tongue
South Park Blue Suit
Visited the dentist this evening after work to get a filling replaced. Apparently synthetic fillings in rear teeth are bad, as my old one needed to be replaced with a metal one. I must admit that I found an entertaining dentist. Definitely makes the process a bit more fun.

In other news, got an A/C with a few more features and opted for the 4 year in-home warranty (ensuring that it won't break). 10,000 BTU are slightly inadequate for my 600 sqft apartment because I have to put the unit in the middle of a kitchen with walls on both sides. It isn't horrible and would likely be adequate if I didn't run my TV, receiver, and PC at the same time.

Oddly enough, I've inadvertently gotten into a bad habit of going to bed at a reasonable hour. This has allowed me to get up easily in the morning, and get to work on time. It can't last.