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Hang a bell, hard to tell, if anything is going to sell
South Park Blue Suit
Up to very little right now - save some auditory stimulation courtesy of Radiohead's OK Computer.

Watched South Park (bigger, longer, and uncut) again tonight with a friend from work after grabbing some good eats. He just got back from a 3 week trek out to Yellowstone to harass some wildlife and develop his photography skills. He managed to succeed at the latter (shooting an obscene 120 rolls of film), but failed to continue the food chain and now has to live out his purgatory in the marketing department.

Unfortunately, he screwed up his only close (15 foot) encounter with a grizzly bear - double exposing his shots on top of some other shots. A few still kinda look good in a Ghost-bear kinda way.

I think I need one of those artsy hobbies. The closest I get to a "creative outlet" is the WRCT radio show thing and the gallery I'm putting together in my apartment (putting up another music related original by Brute of KMFDM fame once I get the damn mat/glass/frame thing back in a week). Still, both are merely regurgitations of the creativity of others.

As for my options... I'm torn between embarking on the journey into the manufacture of the next great american novel, developing some radio dramas, or writing a TV show. I already have the beginnings of each, but am debating if I should take the plunge. Oddly enough, I have some contacts who could give the TV show thing a serious look. Also, the radio drama can get airplay with little effort given my role at WRCT.

Decisions, decisions. I should just wait for the 37th birthday thing until I start embarking on something like that.

Speaking of which... Too many people believe that they need to take the Birth -> School -> College -> Work -> Wife -> Kids -> Kids leave home -> Retire at 65 -> Die at 75 life path. I'm going for the Birth -> School -> College -> Work 2-3 years -> College & work 2-3 years -> Work 11 more years while living like a college student -> Retire by 37 -> Wife -> Kids thing.

Why work an extra 30 years just so you can do the wife/family thing while you are working? Luckily, my sister already has a little one (opting for the first path) bestowing the moniker of "Grandma and Grandpa" onto my folks, and consequently easing any parental pressures on me.