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My kind of town
South Park Blue Suit
Spent the weekend in Chicago, just getting back to Pittsburgh now.

Definitely made the most of my time, hanging out with a friend Steve (former co-worker, string quartet member, classmate, etc..). Hit Buddy Guy's Legends on Friday, and went to a Sox Game and the Green Mill (Jazz) yesterday - my 25th birthday.

--- gore disclaimer begin ---

Unfortunately, on the way to the Sox game, Steve and I had to take a detour - luckily I didn't see the body as it was crushed by the opposite subway at Argyle as our train was about to head off. Had to get out, and grabbed a cab down to Comiskey since they shut down trains for a while to clean up the mess.

Yesterday's events kinda solidified how I've grown up. Aside from being my 25th birthday, it was the 2nd time in my life that I've been at a subway station where a person's life ended. The first time, when I was 7 visiting Paris with the family, I unfortunately watched as a well dressed guy in the blue raincoat and umbrella just deciding to end it all as he leaped into the path of the oncoming train.

I had kinda forgotten about it until Friday evening when I made an offhand (prophetic) remark to Steve when explaining why I tend to stand back at subway stops.

Unlike the first time, all I witnessed yesterday were some folks walking away from the scene either screaming, or with a horrified look on their face. I guess I've been too desensitized to violence since I just walked away with hardly a feeling of sorrow - mostly wondering how Steve and I could make it to the baseball game on time (made it by 3:20 via Cab).

I'm still not too sure if my reaction to the death when I was 7 (mostly feeling just awful for a few days), or the reaction now (just walking away, almost forgetting about it within a few minutes) is more healthy.

--- gore disclaimer end ---