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Oh-oh-oh what a feeling...
South Park Blue Suit
Car died earlier today. A quick jump didn't exactly bring it back to life after it died when I turned the lights on. On the 4th try (after jumping the car with the lights already on) I managed to get it happy enough to get home and a co-worker was nice enough to trail me for a few miles to make sure it didn't die on me mid-trip.

So far, in my 1999 Camry I've gone through the following parts (54,000 miles):
2 full sets of tires (and down to 5/32 on both)
3 sets of brakes
1 front pair of rotors (and they want to machine my current ones
1 timing belt
1 water pump
2 lights in the A/C unit
2 side tail lights
1 light illuminating my gear shifter
and now probably my alternator.

So far, the tab is up to (luckly $700 for the timing belt, water pump and first A/C light replacement were under warranty) $2,600 (estimating $500 for the alternator). This seems kinda high and I'll probably skip on a Toyota next time given the number of problems I've had.