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I've got to form a political lobbying group
South Park Blue Suit
Having fun in my business, government, and strategy class... so much that I've decided to found a political lobbying group... hell, if the christian coalition can curry this much favor with washington, so can I... here's the basic idea... need to write a manifesto, then come up with a plan for propagation.

National Association of Geeks (NAG)

What it is: A group of likeminded geeks dedicated to responsible and fair use of technology.

Mission Statement: The national association of geeks is a political organization dedicated to raising awareness of widespread technological and social concerns of the geek population at large.

5 core political issues to tackle in 2003:

Choose from:

Frivolous granting of patents and intellectual property rights for general knowledge ideas
DMCA opposition & internet radio royalty payment
Intergenerational transfer of wealth and debt (oppose AARP's lobby to extend more benefits to seniors that what has been paid in)
Increased availability of government processes (e.g. DMV renewal, voter registration) & gov't information online
Digital privacy and encryption rights
Information concerns (vs. database driven marketing)
Stopping SPAM
Ethical uses of technology & robotics
Cybersquatting and inappropriate allocation of namespaces
Granting of spectrum bands
Propagation of open source software and open published standards

Political tactics:

Get out the vote among the general public (laptops & wireless voter registration setups in random places)
Formal lobbying and Washington watchdoggery
Unified letter writing campaigns
Initial TV Campaign on SPAM prevention (see PETA)

Organizational structure:

Non-profit status
Requires 80% consensus on issues to make a part of the agenda (via e-mail and online polls)
Annual online selection of issues to address (and rules governing organization)
Lobbying part,
Organizing part,
Foundation for doling out grants to smaller geek related issues (bail, legal defense funds, etc..),
Annual cool trinket distributed with membership
Monthly online magazine on geek issues
Aim for 3 million members
NRA gets $100 Mil/year in membership dues, we need to come close
Full disclosure of spending

Why you should become a member:

In this country, there has not been a historical central voice for geeks. As technology has been developing rapidly, many legislative entities have been forced to make decisions and pass laws about the uses and rights to those technologies with only business for-profit interests fueling their decisions. Without a unified front and a consistently loud voice of consumers and users of these technologies, these rulings will continue to come down in favor of those who want to exploit those technologies for private gain, and not use those technologies for the benefit of the general public.

In the political processes of the 20th and 21st century, special interest groups have demonstrated that with small amounts of financial backing but substantial personnel support, they can be successful at getting their concerns voiced and heard. In the age of centrist political parties, elections are frequently decided by so few votes that the support of even a small group can have significant impact and curry much political attention to those voices.

By creating a central political group, we can amplify our unified voice to support Geek interests and shape important policies as they are being written. With your support, we can change the course of history and make technology a better and more powerful tool for our future.