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Self-assessment of state
South Park Blue Suit
Probably the most common question I get asked (in one form or another) is the usual "how are you doing".

Now that I've been thinking about the question, I really must admit that self-state-assessment is pretty darn tricky.

Since emotions tend to be relative, it can be pretty hard to really get a good long-term gauge on how happy or unhappy you are unless you have recently had extreme experiences which have provided you with good refernces of how much better or worse off you could be vs. where you are now.

Ever since my life started settling into predictable patterns without any extremes, I think my sense of emotion is getting numbed and my relative sense of "how I'm doing" is getting harder and harder to detect.

I'll stop thinking about the question and will eventually just answer "fine".

Lunch: Spinach salad w. hot bacon dressing, some asparagus, and a few tablespoons of chicken salad
Dinner: Penne w. sauce
Snack: Brownie
Exercise: What is exercise?