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Food for thought
South Park Blue Suit
Finished up Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation today. I think I'm starting to get a better understanding on how government is supposed to work through this, and my other courses (Lester Lave's Business Government and Strategy). Polishing up a "book report", my first in about 10 years. Lacing it with some rhetoric since my writing tends to be dull when not adequately remanufactured.

I don't have much to say about the book, other than it really reinforces the idea of how businesses work (Business, in its most fundamental form involves acquiring materials, processing them using a mix of labor and capital, and selling the value added items at a high enough price to earn a profit) and why and when governments are supposed to intervene (if businesses are left unchecked, they will engage in any activity that can improve its profits, including activities that have negative consequences on society as a whole that can't otherwise be rectified) by internalizing all externalitities to prevent it from engaging in activities that will have a negative impact on society.

Lunch: Stouffers Broccoli & Mac/Cheese (340 calories)
Snack: Kit-Kat (240 calories)
Dinner: Whole wheat bun sandwich w. cheddar & processed ham (300 calories)
Exercise: Will hit my bike for 30 minutes later tonight

Weight: 234 - post-thanksgiving glut - I blame my weight entirely on the fast food industry :)