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It's the little things
South Park Blue Suit
...that bug me when driving around Pittsburgh.

I'm sure that all of these things exist for good reasons, and I'm not about to start a campaign to eliminate all of them, still...

1) Welcome to Bethel Park signs parading their infinite number of state championships in Swimming, Diving, Basket Weaving, Curling, etc...

2) The 1-lane/2-lane section of W. Liberty south of the tunnel. It is wide enough to be a 2 lane road, so start drawing some lines.

3) People who don't maintain their speed in the tunnels... every morning, thousands of drivers coming from the east have their commute almost doubled by these morons... we need to start ticketing folks who slow down and don't have a car in front of them... heck, and I even live in town...

4) People commuting in along 5th Avenue in the morning who block the intersection of Fifth & Neville, especially the ones who don't even bother changing lanes if they can get through the intersection that way. NYC's "Don't block the box" campaign was brilliant.

5) Unoccupied houses. Last city I lived in, anything unoccuped for over 12 months was torn down by law. We need to do this in a few neighborhoods.

6) Joncaire Street. Pave it already. I think it is why I'm on my 3rd CD changer for my car.

7) Going from 28 to the Fort Pitt bridge.

Given that these are the biggest gripes in my life, I should just be otherwise pretty darn happy...