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Time off...
South Park Blue Suit
I finished up my last exam on the 16th of December, and it has been a whirlwind past 2 weeks as I've finally had a considerable amount of time off from both school and work.

Flew my dad out to Whistler-Blackcomb for some skiing from the 17th-22nd which definitely whipped my legs into decent shape. Having the GPS was a nice bonus as I was able to track my top speed (38.6 MPH), my elevations (skied an average of about 2500 vertical feet per run, mostly between 4500 feet and 7500 feet above sea level), my location (didn't make any fun shapes though), and my distance traveled (went about 40 Miles/day for the 4 days I hit the slopes). The first few days were pretty tough as the recent snowfall really forced my legs to work harder than usual to turn. The machine groomed stuff for day's 3 & 4 made it easier as I was able to make it down from the peak to the mid-station (where the snow ended) without a break. Definitely a worthwhile trip.

Last week was also pretty nice as I was off on the 24th & 25th. Managed to make it out to 7 springs yesterday for more skiing with buoren</lj>, and caught the final Steelers game of the season against the Ravens at Heinz field today.

Next week or so will be nice as I'm off Wednesday-Friday and should put something together for New Year's eve. There is an outstanding invite from some fellow RCTers but I'm considering just enjoying a quiet evening in before heading back to 7 springs on Wednesday for more skiing. Other than taking a friend to the Steeler's game on Sunday, I have this massive void between Wednesday and Sunday to fill with something. Rob will be out of town, but I'll figure something out.

Personally, I really need to work more on the weight (232 on last check) but I'm starting to realize that I'll get to my goal eventually. I think my biggest problem so far is that I haven't set any realistic short term goals, and just have the 160 number stuck in my mind as the eventual place to land. I guess I'll set one now.

In 2 weeks (january 11th) I want to be down to 225. It should be do-able as the holiday will help me spend more time on exercise and eating right.