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South Park Blue Suit
Spent most of the day today with Matt and his 40" TV. Played some Dreamcast Extreme Bass Fishing for the hell of it and watched a few DVDs.

I've had a 30" TV now for about 5 years (bought with money saved from my summer job at PNC bank between my junior and senior year), but still get a bit envious when watching his 40" XBR Sony Vega direct view HDTV. Still, I can't justify spending that sort of money on a setup for my apartment. Also, at that size, the low res TV signal can get annoying. I'm still a bit skeptical if using his multimedia pc to de-interlace the signal really makes it any better, but can't easily do a side-by-side comparison, and am probably used to an interlaced TV signal.

I'm off work tomorrow and Friday and am still trying to figure out what to do. I have to be back in town for Matt's birthday lunch on Saturday (moved from Sunday so we can go to the steelers game). If 7 springs gets fresh snow tonight, I might head there tomorrow as the price drops down to normal levels again ($25 with 2 labels of Giant Eagle soup).

Anyway, I'll probably spend some time visiting my grandmother. Her condition has gotten pretty bad during the past few months as she's gone from worrying mostly about her bridge game to worrying about being constantly light-headed, suffering from a bunch of annoying simultaneous ailments, and needing constant supervision. She broke her wrist from a bad fall a few weeks ago, has suffered from a few more falls over the past few weeks. Although she doesn't have anything life-threatening, her quality of life is shot and it isn't sitting too well with her.

I've started e-baying a bit more - looking for skis and am looking for some good objective reviews of ski equipment. I think I know what I want (either salomon X-series, or atomic 9.18/8.18) but might just get a pair of carve 7.18s with bindings for $200 as a cheap compromise. Sadly enough, given that I'm a decent skiier, most skis recommended for my level are too damn expensive and I'm definitely skeptical if there are any real differences between beginner and expert skis within the same product lines (e.g. salomon crossmax 7s vs. 10s, atomic carve 7.18s vs. 9.18s, etc..).

Oh well...