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Bad college football trophies
South Park Blue Suit
College football has some of the cheesiest trophies around for rivalry games, and as this week is rivaly week, Pitt and their longtime (i.e. 4 year) rival Cincinnati are competing for the prestigious "River City Rivalry trophy".

I definitely put it up there with the legendary little brown jug (Minnesota/Michigan), and the old oaken bucket (Indiana/Purdue)...

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(Deleted comment)
Given they've only been playing each other for 4 years, and cincy has traditionally been a floormat team in college football, it ain't no rivalry.

Still, if Cincy wins it, they win the Big East, if Pitt wins it, and beats WVU & UConn, they win the Big East, and go to a BCS game, so it is a big game.

And yeah... that trophy is the largest hunk of junk I've ever seen in my life.

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