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Is having a life really that great?
South Park Blue Suit
Sitting at WRCT producing tonight's remote broadcast of basketball (Carnegie Mellon vs. U Chicago) - and looking forward to my weekend of a total of 12 hours on the air (Tonight 6PM-11PM, tomorrow 7PM-10PM - as Ull and Slepnir return to the airways to spread metal to the masses... and there was much rejoicing at Western State Penn & Allegheny County Jail, and more basketball on Sunday from Noon-4PM). To round out my waking hours, there's that whole superbowl thing, and I'm volunteering to serve on a panel of current students at an info-session for potential GSIA part-time suckers... erm... students tomorrow.

I'm starting to question if spending my life vegitating in front of the warm glow of a television and computer monitor is really that bad of an alternative. Oh well...