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My personal version of name that tune
South Park Blue Suit
Over time, my CD collection has taken on obscene proportions. I didn't realize this until I picked up a 400 disc changer about a year ago and noticed that I have filled it up. Given that I started collecting CDs in 1994, and really only started buying considerable quantities of music after 1998 (after I started working), it is somewhat impressive.

I blame my experiences at WRCT and that national record mart going out of business sale for most of this. WRCT has exposed me to an obscene variety of artists during my tenure there and many of those artist's albums dropped below $5 at the NRM going out of business sale. The record exchange and BMG have also been partly to blame as I've been finding about 4-5 albums in the $2.50 and $1 bins at each trip and in my major-label days did the join-quit-get 10 albums for $3.00 with BMG thing a few times.

As a nice side-benefit, I've been playing a game of NAME THAT TUNE tonight on my changer where I've left it on random play, and surprisingly so far, I'm 9/9 on picking the artist/album on random tracks (with the nice display on the front serving as the judge) within the first 15 or so seconds. I've also been able to sing along with a considerable number (or at least mumble given the current time).

Further reinforcing that I've accumulated a reasonable amount of obscure music knowledge, on my metal show tonight (which is a genre I still feel like a Novice at) I got a request for a random At the Gates track (Goethenberg Metal with sick riffage whose members later formed The Haunted) and when the listener couldn't remember the album I prompted him that it was on Slaughter of the Soul (which kinda blew me away).

Oh well, hopefully I won't degenerate into a music snob (see High Fidelity). I think that my early collection of major-label stuff that I still enjoy will go a ways at preventing that.