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To date, or not to date
South Park Blue Suit
It has been about 4 months since the last woman I was seeing dropped me like a bad habit (via e-mail... cold, eh?). I really wasn't looking for a relationship at that point, but a friend offered to set us up and after a few dates, I thought we were clicking pretty well.

In retrospect, I probably scared her by bringing flowers each time we went out, but I didn't think I'd find anyone else as perfect as her again, and didn't want to screw up. I'm still a bit bitter, but got to engage in some schadenfreude after finding out that she broke a bone in her foot when a treadmill she was walking on suddenly stopped :)

Right now, with work, school, and WRCT, I'm not exactly actively pursuing female companionship. Although I'm sure that I'll find someone eventually, and am still at an age where it is more than acceptible to be single, I definitely could benefit from some contact with the opposite sex. Also, if I don't move quickly, all of the great women my age will be scooped up by the competition.

Aah... decisions, decisions.

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wow i wish i could go to the metal fest down there. there is a good line up of bands. how kik ass that u get to go. yea jag panzer opened up. i loved the guitar riffs and solos. too bad that their equipment sucked which made them sound terrible. ¬.¬ well have fun at the metal fest.

Thanks. I don't mind missing Jag Panzer too much. Mechanized warfare was a good album and they've been around for a long while, but I'm paying something like $140/class.

The festival last weekend was definitely a blast (80 bands, 2 days, 3 stages) and I'm definitely pumped up for the Iced Earth/In Flames show this Thursday (listening to Colony right now). If In Flames performs like they did on their "Live in Tokyo" album (released last year), I'll be a happy camper.

Iced earth was great. they played for so long which kiked ass. about 20 something songs which was incredible. matt (the lead singer) was standing right in front of us at a comic book stand and we didnt realize that the look alike was actually him. yea we were kicking ourselves in the head with that one. anyways i thought in flames played an awesome set. trust me they wont let you down. :)

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