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Postponing the inevitable
South Park Blue Suit
My mother is heading off Friday (after a 2 week stay with my grandmother) but for logistical reasons, is staying with me Thursday night.

To put it mildly, my mother and I have significantly different definitions of the word "clean". Although my apartment is still a few notches down from my former roommate Matt's bachelor pad, it still has some reasonable semblance of being a clean place with just a dirty bathroom, lots of papers strewn on my kitchen table, and a sink full of dirty dishes making it apparent that a guy lives here.

Unfortunately, I'll have to do some cleaning and laundry or will incur the wrath of guilt that my mom will unleash. Unfortunately, vacuuming is out of the question as I'm not home during approved vacuuming hours and need to run out tomorrow to pick up a few items for the bathroom after class.

Still, I'll see what I can do in the next 2 hours and try to finish cleaning up tomorrow night after class. I'll take pictures - as my apartment can actually look relatively nice with some help of a mop, broom, cleaner, and some paper towels.