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So far so good - almost there
South Park Blue Suit
Been a few months since my last post so I figure I might as well pull back out the pen and start writing.

Arrived back up north for my 3rd and final full month of baseball in the 'burgh a week ago. Definitely good being up here, as I've continued meeting up with old friends, the weather has been absolutely awesome, and the hills have been good for my fitness. After this month, I won't be back until mid-October for a 2 week trip to catch 3 Steelers games.

The slow steady weight decline has continued (down 67lb so far, at a rate of 2/3 of a pound/week), as I've continued putting fitness events on the calendar including a half marathon 2 weeks back in Chicago, and a triathlon last weekend. With the weight decline persisting, I'm now about 17lb away from exiting the "overweight" BMI category, which would be pretty ideal, but as I've been doing lots of weight lifting, I'll keep my eye on body fat % as a better metric of health.

Given my surplus of time now that I'm up north (as a good day includes 11 hours of sleep, 3 hours of baseball, 1 hour of commuting to/from baseball, 2 hours of fitness, 1 hour of TV, and 6 hours of random web-surfing/meals with friends/music/reading/other), I decided to re-read my LJ from the start. As I started blogging with this tool in 2002, quite a bit of my life has changed in the ensuing 12 years and it has been fascinating seeing how things I alluded to earlier either worked out (retirement), or didn't (romantic relationships). Also, it was interesting seeing what the bold, less mature, and unfiltered me looked and sounded like, constantly spewing broad proclamations, sharing wild ambitions, boasting of my over-scheduled life, and supplying not-so-guarded reactions.

I'm not sure if consulting changed me, forcing me to dull my words, or if I've just lost the insecurities I felt and needed to indulge in my entries. I guess now that I've checked off some big accomplishments, I'm not looking for as much external validation. Also, with time comes realizations about what is really important in life, what isn't, and ultimately some degree of maturity.