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Stuff to do after I graduate
South Park Blue Suit
With graduation only 10 months off, I probably should start thinking about what to do after I get the MBA as it will free up a few nights each week.

Some ideas that come to mind:
1) Volunteer to help innovation works/other local seed funds identify local businesses that could grow significantly with the right infusion of venture capital.
2) Buy a house and work on it
3) Take up the piano
4) Take back up the viola/join a community orchestra & string quartet
5) Volunteer for big brothers/big sisters
6) Volunteer for habitat for humanity
7) Start up a punk rock band
8) Get randomfunds off the ground
9) Vegetate in front of the warm RGB glow of my monitor while surfing through mindless internet stuff
10) Take up an expensive bourgeois sport like golf

Ugh... I'll figure it out eventually...