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Yes - a guillotine would work, but I kinda like my head

Before heading off to college in the summer of 1995, I was a slightly large boned 172 lb guy (at 5'9"). About 6 months after graduation I hit an obese 235lb (and my extra inch of height didn't exactly make up for the weight), and I've kinda been there ever since.

A year ago, through a combination of diet and exercise, I was able to make some progress and drop down to a more manageable 218. After returning to school, going all winter without any exercise, and returning to my less than appropriate eating habits, I'm back up to my 235lb weight.

I need to do something about this since being in decent shape is usually a prerequisite for attracting a member of the opposite sex (when was the last time you hear a girl say, man - nothing turns me on more than a large beer gut?). Also, staying at this weight will likely put a dent in my life expectancy.

To start on the right path I did two things tonight that will hopefully help:

  1. Exercised at the University Center after classes. Doing this after every class three nights/week will definitely help. Since I'm on campus and have a parking pass in the lot directly across from the facilities, I'd be dumb not to use them.
  2. Got materials for and assembled brown-bag lunches for the rest of the week. With the nice weather this week, I'll have a chance to go on a 2 mile walk during lunch.

I'm aiming to lose about 2 lb/week (from an 1800 calorie diet, and burning 2000 calories from exercise/week). This should get me down to 190 by my birthday. That would be a nice 25th birthday present.

To get there, I have to stop eating out (sorry techstep), and need to stick to a regular exercise schedule. I guess I'll need to create some sort of motivation.

Hmm... how about forcing myself to tell the world my weight in each livejournal entry, along with my food for the day... I hope that'll work. Worst case, I'll start forcing myself to post daily pictures of my stomach.

Weight: 235lb


Lunch: Tomato Juice, Vending machine mini-sub, kraft snack-pack of pudding
Dinner: Combo Gyro/Chicken sandwich on a pita w. lettuce/tomato/mayo
Snacks: A few pretzel bits, a chocolate creme filled eclair, a gulp of strawberry/banana/orange juice, 5 short cut baby carrots, a can of tomato juice, and half a small cookie.
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