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Doing dishes
South Park Blue Suit
Finally did all of the dishes sitting in my sink this afternoon. The nice thing about being single is that I can wait until whenever to handle stuff like that since I'm not inconveniencing anyone else with the sink full of dishes and an inavailability of clean stuff.

I've been thinking about my single status and am not too sure if I want to pursue anything serious until I get through school in December. I keep on thinking that once I finish the degree, lose some weight, finish setting up my apartment (new couch) and know if I'm going to stick around the area, I'll stand a better chance at finding an optimal match. I'm probably just wasting valuable time staying single, but I'm just feeling too selfish to want to share my time with somebody else right now given that I barely have enough time to handle my life right now.

I also have one of those odd goals of saving enough to retire before I take the plunge into the wife/kids thing.

Oh well.