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Done with my taxes
South Park Blue Suit
My taxes are filed and accepted, so now I get to celebrate by recalibrating my management game models. Yay!!!

Looking like today is the day where things are going to shake out in Iraq. I'm kinda curious how it will happen and will probably finally pay attention to the media for more than the usual 2-3 minutes I've held myself to. I've been largely ignoring it, partially because I just haven't cared, and partially since not too much interesting stuff has taken place since the first round of the final four. I guess we'll find out soon whether Iraq did or did not have chemical weapons within a few hours, and despite the number of casualties that will likely accompany the use of those weapons, it looks like the only way that the US will be vindicated in the international community is if they were correct and those weapons are either discovered (good) or used (bad).

Better get back to work (ugh).