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Today is tomorrow, and tomorrow is today, and yesterday is weaving in and out
South Park Blue Suit
I am building a religion, a limited edition,...

Diet Journal:
Lunch: Taco salad & fruit salad - 500 calories
Dinner: 2 chicken breasts in a bun, a hot dog, and a small bit of potato salad, baked beans (pirates home opener) - 1200 calories
Snack: 1/6th box of mac & cheese - 140 calories

Exercise: Walking 1.4 miles (0.7 miles each way) from my car to the stadium and back (150 calories)

Lunch: Chicken salad & fruit salad - 400 calories
Dinner: 1/3 box mac & cheese, 1/2 blueberry bagel, lean cuisine angel hair pasta w. veggies - 680 calories

Exercise: 1 hour on the bike - 600 calories
Weight this morning: 233