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Tired pretty early...
South Park Blue Suit
Massively busy day yesterday:
5:30AM-7:00AM: Did homework for management game
7:00AM-12:00PM: Called buggy races for wrct (Mens winner: PiKA, Women winner: Fringe)
12:00PM-1:00PM: Met with management game team to go over presentations for board
1:00PM-1:30PM: Did some errands for WRCT
1:50AM-4:00PM: Lounge Family Picnic
4:00PM-6:40PM: Saw Jurrasic 5 show
6:40PM-12:40AM: Starcraft/Mr. Show - a -thon at the meat-man-partment with folks from the lounge family picnic - with intermittent breaks with me taking naps...

12:40AM-11:00AM: sleep :)

(not so) Diet Journal:
Breakfast: Wheaties Energy Crunch - 330 Calories
Lunch: Hamburger (between mens and womens heats) - 700 calories
Lounge Family Event Food: Sausage on bun, 3 small cookies, 1 med size piece of "eat-me" cake, 2 oz shrimp, 3 oz of chips w 2 oz dip, 2oz spicy sausage, 1 mike's hard cranberry lemonade, 1 can coke, 1 can diet rite, 1/2 bottle tonic water, 1 pc chocolate chip cake w. walnuts - I don't want to know

Weight this morning: Priceless... (actually still 229)
Exercise: 2 miles of walking, 3 hours of bracing myself in the back of a moving truck...