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Happy pagan bunny worshipping day all!
South Park Blue Suit
Happy bunny day to all... may your rabbits be tasty and sweet.

I've started drifting off the wagon this week, watching some of what I eat, but headed out for a meal or two (had a salad at rock bottom Thursday and a salad at Fuel & Fuddle Friday), and ate a bit too much for the passover meal Wednesday so I'm kinda back up at 230 again :(

The whole box of tam tam crackers didn't help much either (mmm tam-tams...).

I also need to somewhat catch up on work for class or I'll be screwed next weekend with a 15 page group project and an individual 15 page operations report due in another 2 weeks.

At least my exercise regimen has remained somewhat consistent.

Diet Journal:

Breakfast: Nothing
Lunch: 100 calories of turkey breast slices
Dinner: 1/3 medium O fries (oops) - 600 calories, cold cereal & OJ - 400 calories

Exercise: 1.5 hours of semi-aerobic tennis - 400 calories

Lunch: 60 calories of salad
Dinner: TBD
Exercise: 1 hour of moderately aerobic tennis - 400 calories & 30 minutes on UC exercise equipment - 360 calories

Weight right now: 230