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I'm a man with a mission
South Park Blue Suit
Stopped off for a haircut on the way home from work tonight. As one of the 2 nights/week I can actually work late, I stuck around until 7, before heading off to get some of my hair chopped off en route.

I can never quite figure out how long I go between cuts. I know that getting one every 6 weeks or so is the norm, but I just can't remember the last time I stepped into Supercuts (my usual place).

My hair cut has pretty much been identical since about 1994.

  • Clippers at #1 around the sides and back,
  • kill the sideburns,
  • blend in on the top,
  • cut around the ears, and
  • round it in the back.

Beyond that (I started using clippers on the side in 1994), the last major change my hair style underwent involved changing the side I parted it on - in 1989.

Had I gone away for my M.B.A., I'd have probably dyed it blue for a few months, but since I kept my job, and started going to school part-time, most folks at my day job would have likely been bothered by the color.

Anyway, I suspect that the cut won't exactly change much. If I start showing serious signs of balding, I might try the shaved head look.

Diet Status:

Weight: 234

Breakfast: Can of orange juice
Lunch: Corned beef/turkey/swiss sandwich, can of tomato juice, 2 yoplait express' (go-gurt ripoff), baby cut carrots
Dinner: George-Foreman Grilled italian-marinated chicken breast, box of Kraft Mac & Cheese (prepared with 1tbsp of butter, and ~4oz of 2% milk)

Exercise: Walked 2.2 miles (at lunch), will hit my exercise bike for 30 mintues or so later tonight