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Rolling rolling rolling...

Lunch: Chocalate donut with pink icing... nut roll thing -600 calories
Dinner: Box of Mac & Cheese - 900 calories
Exercise: 1.5 hours of tennis with Robbins (he still hasn't beaten me after about 10 games)... I need to find someone I can lose to but still have some good ralleys with... now if I'd only be able to consistently hit my serve again...

Lunch: Spinach salad w. chicken - 400 calories
Dinner: Chicken saag wala at India Garden (only a taste of rice) - 700 calories
Exercise: 80 calories on treadmill, 360 calories on eliptical machine

Weight this morning: 228

Spent 6 hours hanging out with my game team today... working on a 20 page paper and presentation for our board meeting on Wednesday. So far, we have spent about 20 hours meeting on this one small thing... Later today, I spent 1.5 hour putting together my 3 pages and editing some other content for another group project for another class (we up to 12 pages so far with the same number of people and about 10 minutes of time spent meeting as a group)... Although one classmate has done a more significant amount of work on this team (Thank you Donna!), the juxtaposition of this team with my game team is pretty signficant.

I hate not being in control of group projects since I can't divide, conquer, and reassemble. I've developed this incredible ability to quickly put together great teams, decompose a task, assign the relevant parts to the appropriate parties, and reassemble in a quick way. Since I'm not in a leadership role on my management game team, I can't do that, and consequently have been spending lots of time in meetings with folks getting less done and it has been incredibly frustrating. At least I'll have some personal control over my 15 page operations report that I have to finish in another week or so. Still, once I get through that, this other group paper, and a 1 page summary of a reading I have to do tomorrow, I'll be in the clear until the summer semester starts :)

Oh well.