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From Blood Duster to Brahms
South Park Blue Suit
Alas, I was unable to encounter the mystical elevator girl before the symphony today and ended up heading off with Vivek after hitting the lunch buffet at India Garden.

Got to witness the premier (well.. it technically was performed on Friday) of the Brahams Sonata No. 1 for Viola and Orchestra (originally for Clarinet, transcribed for viola) performed by Randolph Kelly, the principal violist in the symphony.

I'm glad to see the viola being showcased as a solo instrument, as the solo repetoire for it is pretty thin. Still, I don't think that the piece will catch on since it just didn't sound right. Excessive high register slopping (it was a bit of a romantic piece) made it sound a bit blah, and I really love those sorts of pieces that force you to yank those nice lower register C-string and G-string tones out of the box. I definitely am not about to blame any of it on Randy as he did the piece justice. My big problem was that that those sorts of floaty runs that sound right on a clarinet really don't showcase the viola. The piece just needed more double stops and sections that can allow a great musician to articulate and attack more with the bow.

After finishing off the MBA I'm considering trying to return back into the playing form I was in by my senior year of High School (when I had the priviledge of studying with the insanely wonderful Pam Ryan at Florida State University) but will probably pick up a better instrument if I make that choice. I'm also toying with the idea of picking up a piano (once I find a house).

Looks like I'll be seeing Pearlman next weekend, and hopefully will encounter elevator girl before then to ask her if she wants to go.

At the other end of the spectrum, the metal show went pretty well last night as I did get to speak with one of our faithful listeners at the Allegheny County Jail (via 3-way calling) and got the usual request. I abandoned Rob and hit one of the recording studios for about 45 minutes once I finished up my section (at 9:30) to finish off my 3 page writeup for my organizational change class, but the show was as brutal as usual. I don't think that anyone will ever blame me for not being open to different types of music.

Oh well... better get back to my remaining homework.

Brunch: India garden buffet... lots of spinach stuff, 1/4 piece nan, some chicken curry, other stuff - 1000 calories
Dinner: Oatmeal & chicken breast - 370 calories
Weight this morning: 226

Exercise: Walk 4 miles