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Sports Rock
South Park Blue Suit
Walked 5 miles to downtown this evening for exercise (through Bloomfield/Lawrenceville) with Rob then grabbed a bite at sports rock. Our waitress/barkeep was adorned in hooter-esque garments, but didn't posess the typical hooters overbearing personality. I think I've found a good diversion spot.

Had the board meeting last night for management game which went relatively well. I think we have a good strategy and it'll probably take either divine intervention (or at least intervention from Monsier Lamont) to keep us from kicking some GSIA butt in the next few years. Our labor negotiation last Thursday/Friday also went pretty well as we came away with what will likely be the best contract of the session and some of the best language (both giving us likely a 15-20% advantage in operating costs which'll also help during the next few years).

In celebration of the semi-successful meeting, we hit mad mex right after (we met in the Bayer procurement building above mad mex over in Robinson) and I had half a giant margarita (about 12 oz worth of the 20oz glass). Although a few teammates headed off right after, my lack of interaction with the devil in the bottle over the past year or so meant that I was pretty damn buzzed and not willing to risk it on the road. I headed over to eat 'n park afterwards, and had a slow dinner to let me sober up. I'll have to do that again, but will hit the one in Oakland and walk next time.

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Cool. I have a random friend. Introduce yourself, soon-to-be-fellow-GSIAer! :-P

Noticed your Livejournal ID as the only other link under GSIA so I figured I'd check it out. Given the nature of most B-School students, and the prevalence of 4 letter acronym organizations, I was kinda expecting to stumble upon some sort of odd club. Still, if you have any questions about the region, program, etc.. ask away. I'll forewarn that I'm not exactly your typical MBA student (being a flex-timer and alumni).

I'm going to have to disagree with you on Sports Rock. It felt like a soul-draining experience there, the way I feel at most bars, but even moreso. Didn't seem particularly conducive to conversation, and there was too much ambient noise for me to consider reading a book there. The food was okay enough, but overall it seemed like a place that I'd only go to with several other people in a possibly rowdy group.

I didn't take you upstairs to the foosball and arcade machines :)

... also, walking 4 miles to get there in tandem with your overwhelmingly hungry sentiment as we were nearing the spot likely altered your perception...

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