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With much anticipation....
South Park Blue Suit
Later today (technically... well, after 6 hours of unconsciousness, while my brain sorts stuff out along with a few other things like work and class), techstep and I will engage in some illustrious heavy metal festivities. Iced Earth and In Flames @ Club Laga to be precise.

Small problem.

The show starts at 7:00 and my evening class ends at 8:00. Luckily, the opening band (Jag Panzer) isn't quite as high on my to-see list and with a short commute from campus to the show, I should get there before In Flames starts up. I've been awaiting this day for what has seemed like an eternity - well, 3 weeks at least.

There is just something buried deep in me that prevents me from skipping class for something more fun/less evil. I'm kinda unsure of what it is, but I can't remember missing a class because I just didn't feel like going or wanted to do something more fun - ever. Even when missing a class for a real reason (doctors appointments, prior family commitments, etc..), I've felt guilty. I guess it's a good thing since it kept me in good academic standing as an undergrad despite being somewhat counter to my internally concluded raison d'etre.

I think I kinda know how I became this way. When I was growing up, my folks managed to indirectly instill a belief in me that if I ate my veggies, worked hard, didn't do anything unnecessarily bad, never gave up on a challenge, and kept on top of my commitments, everything would work out. So far, despite the pain (yes - my undergrad experience was definitely painful) pretty much everything has worked out.

Further reinforcing this belief is that every single person I know that doesn't have their life in order, lacks this self-discipline, and easily gives up on problems that frustrate them. My freshman year roommate in college didn't do his work, skipped class to spend time with his girlfriend, and ended up graduating 2 years after me (at an opportunity cost of about $160K).

I guess I'll stay on the straight and narrow.