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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood
South Park Blue Suit
Wandered out to hemingway's last night for some dinner (Cajun chicken salad) with techstep then hit mad mex to get Rob a bit tipsy. I went a touch overboard on both unstable spicy foods (I used Red Hot instead of salad dressing on the cajun chicken salad at hemingways, and went through about one basket of fire sauce salsa on the nachos at mad mex), and on the dairy (finally had some ice cream at mad mex since I wasn't drinking) and my stomach has been repenting ever since.

Although I'm supposed to be writing my operations report today, I ended up wasting some of it at the WRCT Air Shift Proposal meeting (I'm thinking of doing a 2nd show over the summer since I only have the full time job, a full time student courseload, and will be acting training director at WRCT), mailing in my ticket request for the Steelers, and attending the American Open RoboCup soccer tournament over at the University Center. The gym was jam packed with crowds watching some round robin AIBO action between the Chilean University Soccer Squad and the University of Washington Huskies. I'll be showing my support for CMPack '03 in the playoffs tomorrow. The Sports Staph should start broadcasting this next year.

I'll get out for some exercise this afternoon before I head back to WRCT for the show at 7.