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Pearlman's Pearls
Just got home from catching Itzhak Perlman conduct and perform with the PSO. He definitely has become a touch less technically precise than say a Sarah Chang, Midori, etc.. over the past 15 years, but man when he's on, the stuff just flows out of his box like nobody's business. The tone he gets is absurdly clear and his vibratto is just so damn smooth. Unfortunately, my 2nd seat was wasted (forgot about the concert until late last night) and I'll only have one more opportunity to encounter elevator girl since my last pair of tickets are for 18th. I'll probably get another 10 concert subscription next season regardless.

The juxtoposition of my Saturday night grindcore/metal show and my sunday symphony subscription still blows my mind.

In other news, I've been shunning my operations report (due Friday) but will just block of time this week to handle it so I won't feel guilty when I'm not working on it. I'll also try to enjoy some of the warm weather while it persists through the afternoon.

Diet Journal - Yesterday:
Breakfast: Wheaties Energy Crunch - 300 calories
Lunch: Salad w. chicken - 300 calories
Dinner: Fajitas & chips w. salsa -1000 calories

Exercise: 55 minutes on exercise bike - 550 calories, 25 minutes on eliptical machine - 375 calories

Lunch: Box of Mac & Cheese - 900 calories
Dinner: TBD

Exercise: TBD