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South Park Blue Suit
Wandered over to Good Friday at the Warhol with techstep last night to see The Evolution Control Committee and Mark Hosler of Negativland. The ECC was fun as usual (saw him at CMU a few years back) as he managed to figure out a good way to "perform" his electronic cut-up stuff (if you haven't heard Rocked by Rape yet, definitely give it a listen). Ran into a few folks including Owen, Gretchen, and Neil from WRCT and finally met lli after hearing quite a bit about her from Rob.

Hosler gave more of a lecture discussing everything from the gullibility of the media (and their infamous "tour cancelled due to connection to a brutal axe murder in Minnesota" hoax) to his various run-ins with copyright infringement along with some presentations of videos accompanying some of the collective's more interesting work. Definitely an entertaining and worthwhile presentation.

This morning I finally dropped a big package in the mail for my mom, then picked up lots of metal for WRCT at Brave New World (The Haunted's One Kill Wonder, Slayer's Reign in Blood, the new Circle of Dead Children, some Bane, Blind Guardian, In Flames - Whoracle, and some other stuff), grabbed my books for the first mini-semester (I need to do some reading for my first class on Monday) and did the show tonight (playing a bunch of new stuff).

Off to volunteer at the race for the cure tomorrow morning (6:00 AM, ugh) so I better get some sleep. I'll also spend some time tomorrow with the grandmother and I'll pick up something online for my mom also (as her birthday and mother's day coincide this year). I probably should just take her to Hawaii this winter.