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In the name of the father
South Park Blue Suit
Went off to my final Pittsburgh Symphony concert of the year (alone... so for this year I'm 5/10 on wasting my accompanying seat, but only gave away my valentines day seats to a friend) to see Pinchas Zukerman conducting and playing with a scaled down version of the orchestra and bringing out his daughter to sing with the orchestra.

Given that the accompanyment of the orchestra with a vocalist is highly unusual for a weekend performance, I've become kinda curious that given the current state of the orchestra's finances, if his daughter's performance was in exchange for his services. I don't claim to have much of an ability to distinguish good and bad opera performers, but suspect that given her credentials, it seemed a bit of a stretch. It was enjoyable nonetheless, but is kinda scaring me about the financial state of the orchestra.

In other news, I called my grandfather to wish him a happy 80th birthday (seeing him in another few weeks), and finally started tracking my 401K with the rest of my portfolio via Yahoo's finance site (and found the symbol of the Dreyfus mutual fund I'm dumping all of my 401K balance into).

I think I'm weaning myself back onto my diet and walked about 4 miles yesterday with techstep. I'll hit the bike tonight again, and will try to go light on dinner.

So far, my weekend has been kinda dead (saw The Haunted Friday night, farewell breakfast with Rory yesterday morning, walked 4 miles yesterday afternoon, reviewed 3 metal albums, did the radio show last night, went to the symphony this afternoon, might grab dinner with Rob, and wil do some homework later), but I'll definitely try to do something a bit more interesting next weekend as I'll be heading up to Cleveland Friday for work, and might venture up to Toronto and Kitchener afterwards given the long weekend.