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Stupid things
South Park Blue Suit
Went to contract law class this evening and despite using my laptop to take notes with word, I also engaged in the guilty pleasure of surfing for about 10 minutes of class time as we were going over the intricacies of "consideration". I didn't miss too much, but feel guilty in retrospect. I think I have a good handle on offers, acceptance, and consideration, but still feel stupid about it. I should do some communications homework now (first "meeting" is wednesday but I'm not presenting).

Looks like I'll be heading off to Toronto over the long weekend (holiday weekend here, but not there) with a former college buddy Allen, and maybe Matt (waiting to hear back tomorrow). We'll hit Canada's wonderland to up Matt's coaster count (I think he is getting close to beating me now after going a bit nuts last summer) now that I'm almost over my self-imposed headbanging whiplash, and do some random Toronto stuff while I'm in town. I suspect that given my summer schedule, it'll be likely my only coaster trip and given the state of the Canadian dollar, it might be a bit more pricey than expected. It should be fun nonetheless.

I'll also drop by my sister's place (to visit the nephew) for Saturday night and likely try to bum a room off the Grandparents on Sunday. I'll also be able to drop off a gift for my Grampa's birthday. Always nice to sneak in a visit with some family when I can.