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My faith in humanity has been restored
... as BMG promptly replied to my inquiry about the missing CDs from my order and sent me replacement product. I guess I wouldn't exactly say that my faith has been restored (as I'm guessing that the first delivery was stolen), but am glad that things can still work out in the midst of inhumanity.

I love that special feeling you get when you peel off the shrink-wrap of a bunch of new CDs knowing that the stuff inside is going to be interesting. I'm listening to the ministry's greatest fits right now (stigmata... mmm...) tracing the history of Al Jorgeson's gradual descent into full-blown junky status. Can't wait to give all of the rest of it a listen (esp Cowboy Junkies, J-5's power in numbers, and Flaming Lips' Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots). I just have to reattach my CD changer to my trunk tomorrow before embarking on the trip up to Toronto so we'll have a few hours of stuff to listen to on the road. Given that Allen sticks to mostly X-rock and old-school rap, it might be a sore point during the trip, but I'm sure he'll like the J-5 and might go for Springsteen's The Rising.