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Voyaging through the SARS infested city streets of Toronto
Just got back from the location of the next filming of "Outbreak 2" to spread the germs further south. I avoided the north-east corridor of the city (where a few cases have sprung up) and had an otherwise good trip. Managed to spend some quality time with the sister/brother-in-law/cute, cute, cute nephew, and took my grandfather out to dinner last night for his birthday.

Hit a bunch of the typical Toronto things, including the skydome tour (got to stand on the field!!!), the Royal Ontario Museum, and did some wandering through Chinatown and the harbor. Also, when I was in Waterloo, I managed to take a quick drive around town hitting my primary, Jr. High, and High School, along with a few other familiar sites. Hopefully the family stuff didn't bore Allen too much.

The hotel downtown was nice (Sheraton City Center) but it would have been nice to spend a bit more time exploring more places. Still, good to get out of the country for a day or two.