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South Park Blue Suit
I have most of my presentation writeup done, but I just don't want to spend the extra 5 minutes polishing it up. Feeling particularly unmotivated tonight after contract law and some walking around Squill. At least the family guy was pretty good on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

Looking forward to putting a voice/body to dactyl tomorrow if time works out.

Diet Journal:
Weight this morning: 230
Lunch: Small chicken parm sandwich & 12 oz chicken soup (500 calories)
Dinner: Subway buffalo chicken sub (850 cal)
Snack: Goetz carmels (150 calories) & lots of gum (50 calories)
Exercise: Walked 2 miles w. techstep - ran into buoren who indicated that he is still up for some quartet work if I can dig up a cellist