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When the online world meets the real world
Had my first encounter with an online-only friend in from San Francisco this evening - dactyl - who despite media hype to the contrary failed to kidnap me, chain me up in an old abandoned dungeon to make me her sex slave, and then hack me up into little pieces. Oh well...

We seemed to get along well, and she definitely was as interesting of a person in real life, not entirely unlike her projected online personna. We hung out for about 2 hours and it kinda felt like hanging out with an old friend as many things didn't need additional explanation. I'm sure we'll do it again in another 2 months once she descends on the 'burgh for longer periods of time.

Glad she found an apartment.

In other news, I'm polishing up one project for an ops class due tomorrow evening but should try to get a reasonable amount of sleep this evening.

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I did whip you with my jacket once. Didn't that count? And, I mean, after you handed me a five-pound Hershey bar, I had to table the plans to discard your body in a ditch. That whole gift obligation thing. ;-)

The online friends to RL friends thing is definitely odd, but eliminates some awkwardness, which is nice. And you match up well w/your online you, as well. Me, I'm not so sure my matching my online me is a _good_ thing. I mean, the online me is currently an angst-ridden psycho. But she'll get better. I promise.

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