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Some weight off my shoulders
South Park Blue Suit
Much to my relief, I had my last class of the first summer mini semester last night. I now have no outstanding homwork, and I'm in the free and clear for the next 7 days before the tormet continues with mini 2. Unlike the first time I took 3 classes at a time, this mini kept me a bit busier and upped my weekly homework hours to about 10 to add to the 9 hours of in-class time. Still, taking 3 classes isn't the end of the world, and doing it for 2 more minis won't kill me.

For reference, my outside of class work hours broke down as follows:
Contract Law: 16 hours reading stuff, 9 hours taking notes for the final exam = 4 hours/week of out of class time
Management communication: 6 hours preparing and following up on each of my 2 20-minute presentations, 2 hours preparing/working after my 1 meeting, 3 hours reading the relevant textbook = 3 hours/week out of class time
Distribution and Logistics: 4 hours working on 2 homework assignments (each), 4 hours preparing slides for a final presentation, 5 hours determining a solution to a street cleaning problem & presentation, and 5 hours working on a group warehouse optimization problem. = 3 hours/week out of class time.

In retrospect 19 hours/week isn't too ugly of a time commitment to allow me to finish off the MBA a semester early. In retrospect, going part-time and finishing in 2 years 3 months was definitely better than finishing in 2 years full time. Had I gone full time, I would have been bored stiff.

All is now well, except... my parents are flying in tomorrow so I'll have a few commitments for the weekend and next week and will need to do some laundry and a touch of apartment cleaning before they drop by. I think after graduation in December, I'll try to block off a week (take off a week around X-ma.. what am I? nuts?) so I can get lost in the wild. It wouldn't have to be somewhere warm, just somewhere I could sit around and stare into space. Skiing is kinda good for that sort of thing and so are beaches. Some time alone to reflect on what I want to do with my life would definitely be a good thing.

Otherwise, I still have 11 vacation days left to use, but figure I'll just space 6 of them over the fall since taking off for more than a week would be dangerous.

In other news, I decided to renew my lease (buying a house right now is more responsibility than I really want) so I'll remain in my apartment in Oakland (fifth-neville) for another year or so.