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Fish with the meatmen
South Park Blue Suit
Two stunning things happened tonight:

1) I exhibited a tremendous amount of self control while in a location where temptation taunted me (in a french accent, no less).

2) I found out what the incoherent ramblings of a drunken man 7 months ago meant, and agreed with them wholeheartedly.

Since I'm logging all food, I should tell you first what I had for dinner:
Salmon with lo-mein noodles and vegetables, french onion soup, some bread, diet coke, and lots of water.

Now I should tell you what I didn't have for dinner (but could have easily also had - like those around me):

Meat fondue, shrimp cocktail, raw beef, filet mignion, cabernet wine, dessert wine, sauteed mushrooms, and a massive piece of chocolate cake that had its own time zone.

I feel better now. Having made it through tonight, I know that I can make it through any night on my diet. Being less indulgent is also good on the pocketbook... after they precisely split up the $412 bill among the party of 8, someone commented to me: "I didn't know that they'd even let you see a menu for $31 at this restaurant".

I won't indulge you on the drunken rambling.