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My karma has officially changed polarity
South Park Blue Suit
I don't really believe in the supernatural, still, I've had too much good Karma during the past few years for me to flippantly dismiss the notion. Most things that have been left up to chance have worked out in my favor - from traffic lights, to waking up at the last possible minute to avoid being late for something, to nailing my GMAT (yes, I do believe that luck plays a major role in most standardized tests).

During the past few weeks, enough small bad things have happened to me that I'm getting the feeling that this good karma is reversing polarity.

  • My car died 2 weeks ago (water pump and timing belt)... my 3-year old car with only 45,000 miles...
  • On Tuesday, when at the Giant Eagle, I paid with my ATM Debit Card, and after asking for $30 back (and approving the amount), I had to remind the cashier - after he started ringing up the next party - to give it to me.
  • Friday, when calling buggy races (as you found out about in prior posts), my debit card was stolen (and used for $117 of goods).
  • Earlier today, when taking my groceries home, a $5 container of pre-marinated boneless chicken breasts disappeared. I don't know if I left it in the store, or the cashier put it in a separate bag and forgot to give it to me... I just know that I don't have it now.
  • When picking up a birthday cake for a friend, I realized that I forgot to order it with the magical chocolate frosting and had to settle for the crummy vanilla.
  • Earlier today, I got a cold sore on my lips,
  • I've been getting some acme (likely from exercise/sweat)
  • The second day of buggy races were rained out.
  • In the middle of writing up the posting, my nose started bleeding.

Sure, most of those things are everyday occurances... still, just too many of them happened to me this week for me to wonder if anything is up.

On top of the karma reversal, I'm starting to get a bit lethargic. I skipped out on the WRCT party last night. I didn't get much done when meeting with my project group this evening (beyond agreeing to put together a marketing perception map study and giving a few suggestions on how to do some stuff for another case writeup). I don't want to practice my 10-minute VC pitch that I'm giving in my entrepreneurship class tomorrow.

I need some motivation, sleep, or both... I'm not sure which I'll try... maybe some exercise. Also, I'll have to figure out a good way to reverse my karma.

Weight: 229

1/2 glass of Orange Juice
Sandwich w. Turkey/Corned Beef & Swiss
Yoplait Yogurt Express tube

1/4 chicken dark meal at Boston Market with: Corn, steamed Carrots & Broccoli, Mac & Cheese, and a small piece of cornbread

Mid-sized slice of birthday cake.