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How Alan got his groove back
South Park Blue Suit
At sportsline, a friend mentioned that bad luck has been bestowing the masses as of late because of a planet alignment issue. I don't know if I believe that crap, but things are otherwise starting to get back to normal.

Today, I had a good presentation with a semi-hostile crowd. I'm pretty sure that the hostility wasn't directed at me (since I've had a good relationship with the hostile individual in the past) and my content was straightforward and made sense. I think that the hostility is more of a recent separate issues since I witnessed the same individual being more or less unhappy the past few days.

Back to the diet thing:

Weight: 226/227 (depends how I stand on the scale, but the digital scale was leaning toward 226, while the manual one couldn't make up its mind)... oh yeah, I was 227 yesterday.

Lunch: Sandwich w. Turkey/Swiss/Corned Beef (sound familiar?), lite strawberry/banana yogurt, can of Tomato Juice, and small applesauce cup. Also had one of those small caramel things.

Dinner: Pita w. lettuce, tomato, chicken, lamb, and some gyro mayo sauce.

Exercise: 2.2 mile walk around RIDC park